A Magic Reading Program That Will Engage Children With Magic, Interactive Comedy, And Books While Teaching Them Fun And Amazing Facts About The World Of Insects

Mike Rose presents an educationally significant program for children that is an entertaining look at the world around us!  Un-BUG-lievable is a unique magic show that brings science to life.  This exciting assembly program covers the life cycles of insects and plants, their importance to the ecosystem, how they help humans, and more.  Students will discover what makes the insect world the most diverse and largest animal group on the Earth.

Designed with science in mind, Un-BUG-lievable causes students to learn while having fun at the same time.  The children will be amazed as Mike uses books, magic tricks, and interactive comedy to illustrate the fascinating things that live in their own backyard.

Keep in mind, Un-BUG-lievable isn’t just a program about insects it is also a reading program.  Throughout the program various books are shown, referenced, and read from which tie all the aspects of the program together.  Having dual subjects (reading & science) within one presentation makes this program much easier to fund.  Feel free to e-mail Mike for suggestions on how to find the budget sources that will bring this program to your school.

“You did a great job, the students and the staff enjoyed your program.”
Millersville Elementary

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