Pricing Details


Because not all schools have the same needs, I offer several options so that you can get the prefect program to fit your school’s requirements.  I can offer programs as a Single Performance, but I also offer packages of shows by the Full-Day, Half-Day and Split-Day.  The multiple performance packages are much more economical for your school and allow for more personalized performances for your students.

Single Performance: $395.00

A Single Performance is just that, one show for one group of students.  However, the audience size must be 100 students or fewer to qualify for the Single Performance at this price.  The Single Performance is perfect for schools with a small student population or for larger schools that wish to have a program for just part of the student population.

Half-Day: $595.00

If your school requires more than one performance you can schedule a Half-Day.  The Half-Day fee is $595.00 and you can schedule 2 or 3 presentations (the fee is the same regardless if you schedule 2 or 3 performances!).  The Half-Day can be either in the morning (before lunch) or in the afternoon (after lunch).  There are no audience size restrictions with a Half-Day of programs.

Full-Day: $850.00

The Full-Day is the most popular and economical package.  When you schedule a Full-Day you can have up to SIX (6) presentations during the school day (during school hours only, after school or evening performances are priced separately).  This way, the presentations can be scheduled into groups separated by grade rather than trying to perform for your entire student body at one time.  This ensures that each presentation is age appropriate and it won’t be necessary to try and get your entire student body into one room (many schools have the performances right in the school library, something not possible with a single large group!).  Each performance is 45 minutes long so you would need to block out about 1 hour per performance to allow time for the first group to leave and the next group to come in.  This system is very economical when you consider that 6 programs during a Full-Day breaks down to only $141 per performance.  This makes for an extremely affordable assembly program! There are no audience size restrictions with a Full-Day of programs.

Split-Day: $425.00

The Split-Day is the Full-Day fee that is split between two separate schools at no additional charge.  With a Split-Day there would be 2 performances at one school in the morning and 2 at a different school in the afternoon (the schools should be within an hour drive of each other).  Each school would pay one half of the Full-Day fee ($425.00 each).  This is a savings of $170.00 off the normal Half-Day fee for EACH school! There are no audience size restrictions with a Split-Day of programs.

By contacting other schools in your area (if you are on a listserv, this can be fast and easy), you can coordinate a date that is convenient for each school.  I would be more than happy to help with the coordinating of dates and schools, merely call or e-mail to get things started.

Mileage & Travel

Zone 1 (small circle on map): No mileage or travel fees.

Zone 2 (large circle on map): $75.00 fee (mileage & travel fee will be waived if 2 or more consecutive full-days are scheduled.  These can be all at one school if you require more than 6 performances or they can be at multiple schools in your area).

Zone 3 (outside of large circle on map): Contact for details.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have compiled this list of easy answers all in one place for your convenience.  If you still have any unanswered questions or need to check dates for availability please call: 1-443-226-9900 or e-mail:

I want to make things as easy as possible!

How Much?
$850.00 for a Full-Day

$595.00 for a Half-Day

$425.00 (per school) for a Split-Day

$395.00 Single Performance (fewer than 100 students)

Mileage & travel is charged as a flat rate based on which Mileage Zone your school is in (see map above).  However, mileage & travel fees can be entirely waived with consecutive Full-Day bookings.

What is Full-Day and Half-Day?
Full-Day starts as early as you want and ends when the school day ends.  This can be divided however you want, but usually it consists of 4-6 performances.  It is also possible to split the full-day between two or more schools with no additional charge.  This way, each school pays only a portion of a Full-Day fee ($425.00 each).  In other words, it is much cheaper to have two schools coordinate and split a Full-Day than for each of them to pay a Half-Day fee ($595.00) each.

Half-Day runs either from the start of the school day until lunch time, or from just after lunch until the end of the school day.  This allows for 2 or 3 programs.  The Half-Day fee is $595.00.

What are the Age/Grade Levels of the Programs?
Grades PreK-5.  There are very slight variations in the presentations if you break them out by grade level but not much.  I primarily adjust the pacing and vocabulary words for younger groups. Older kids get a faster paced presentation and a somewhat more cerebral presentation.   A main advantage of separating the students into grades is that each group will be smaller.  Having fewer kids at each program ensures that they will get more out of the program, not to mention how much easier it is logistically.  This is one of the main reasons I charge by the Full-Day (or Half-Day) and not by the individual performance or number of students in attendance.

How Long are the Programs?
45 minutes.  I feel that 45 minutes is just right for elementary age children, but I can work with your scheduling needs (remember, I want to make things as easy as possible!)  If you would like the programs to be slightly shorter, I can adjust the length.

I can reset my program very quickly.  I can be ready to go for another performance before you can get one group of kids out and the next group in, but please plan for this time.  Usually approximately 15 minutes is adequate time to change groups.

When is Payment Due?
My goal is to be the easiest performer your school has ever hired.  I am not an egotistical performer who needs dressing rooms, food, etc.  I understand how to work with POs.  Naturally I like to get paid on the day of the performance, but I understand that processing paperwork through payroll can be time consuming and frustrating.  I know you don’t need a demanding performer complaining about his check.  I provide an Invoice to you well in advance of the performance day, if payment is available the day of the performance, great, if not, I know the school’s accounting department will take care of it through the mail. YOU focus on getting approval and scheduling the program. I will focus on entertaining and educating your students.

Ready to check some dates?  E-mail:  or call: 443-226-9900

I want to make things as easy as possible, and I will!