The Magic of a Book

Children Learn The Importance Of Reading And How Books Can Change Their Lives

Mike Rose presents an entertaining and motivational magic show which promotes reading and library use.  Telling the story of how a book changed and guided his life, Mike displays his first magic book, a 100 year old tome* that was a gift from his grandfather.  During the show Mike draws on his expertise as a performer, magic historian and author to show how books became the major source of his success at becoming a professional magician.  And throughout the show the children will be entertained by some of the actual magic tricks Mike learned from these books!  As inspiring as it is entertaining, the kids will learn that you really can choose your own path and that books can help you accomplish your goals.

Keep in mind, The Magic of a Book is both a reading program and a motivational confidence building program.  Throughout the presentation various books are shown and referenced but during the show the underlying theme of being able to achieve your goals is also present.  Feel free to contact Mike and find out how easy it is to bring this program to your students.

*First published in 1903, The Modern Conjurer and Drawing-Room Entertainer by C. Lang Neil was the book that influenced an 8 year old Mike Rose

Your show was perfect.  The students and parents loved your show.  They also made the connection between show magic and the magic of reading.  Thank you so much for being part of our reading event and promoting your love of reading and libraries.  We hope to have you back again next year!
Lisa Norris - Great Seneca Creek Elementary School

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