The Amazing Road Trip

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An Educationally Significant Reading Program That Takes Children On An Imaginary Trip Around The United States And Makes U.S. Geography Fun

MapEdit08Using magic tricks and interactive humor, Mike Rose presents an entertaining and educationally significant program for elementary age children which makes learning facts about U.S. Geography simply amazing.  Relating his experiences of traveling around the country and performing at schools, Mike takes the children on an anecdotal trip around the United States with hilarious results.  Along the way the children will learn about states, natural geological formations, cities, compass directions, maps, mileage and more!  And all the while Mike will be emphasizing these points with books and new vocabulary words which encourage the children to read more and visit their school library.

Don’t forget, The Amazing Road Trip is both a reading program AND a Geography program.  Having dual subjects (U.S. Geography & reading) within one presentation makes this program much easier to fund.  Feel free to e-mail Mike for suggestions on how to find the budget sources that will bring this program to your school.

“The interaction with the students really stood out.”
Julia Watkins - Harford Day School


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